Muslims Delegates Express Solidarity in Closing Ceremony


Muslims Delegates Express Solidarity in Closing Ceremony

Oleh: Zakiah

KOTA BHARU, 22 July: Muslim Delegates from various countries took the opportunity to express their support and message of unity in conjuntion with Ijtimak Kelantan 2017 which will end tonight.

In his speech, Head of Hamas International Bureau expressed the Palestinians’gratitude for help and support given by their brothers and sisters in Malaysia.

“I convey Salaam from your brothers and sisters of Palestine who believe they are not fighting the occupation alone; from the people who believes they are the front brigade of the army of Ummah; (the army) who will liberate Palestine, insha Allah,” said Osama Hamdan.

President of Saadet Party from Turkey also shared the same gratitude saying the Ijtimak has given hope of Muslims unity all over the world.

“This is my second time in Kelantan; 30 years ago I came here for different reason; but today I come for the unity of Ummah and we are honored to attend (Ijtimak Kelantan 2017),” said Dr Temel Karamollauglo.

During the closing ceremony, representatives from Papua New Guinea and Pakistan also shared the same view in their speeches whilst praying for Islamic administration of Kelantan to sustain its mandate in the next General Election.