Jamaat Islami Representative Shows Support to Pas in Kelantan


Jamaat Islami Representative Shows Support to Pas in Kelantan

Oleh: Zakiah

KOTA BHARU, 22 July: The closing ceremony of Ijtimak Kelantan 2017 continues echoing with multiple times of Takbeer as Director of Foreign Affair, Jamaat Islami gave his speech a moment ago.

In his fiery speech, Abdul Ghaffar Aziz expressed his fullest support to Islamic administration of Kelantan in the upcoming General Election.

“Your 27 Takbeers (tonight) are your calls; your answers for the General Election in Malaysia, insha Allah; your Takbeers and spirit will show the world.”

According to the vice secretary of International Union of Muslim Scholars, people in Kashmir, Afghanistan and Palestine shed their blood to defend the deen whereas Muslims in Malaysia sacrifice their fullest energy and time for the very purpose.

He also expressed his deepest prayer that with Kelantan remaining as an Islamic state after GE will pave way to Islamic country of Malaysia, Pakistan and across the world until the ummah manages to form the Daulah Islamiyyah as founded by Prophet Muhammad pbuh in Madinah al-Munawwarah before.

Abdul Ghaffar Aziz also took the opportunity in his speech to convey Salaam from the Chief of IUMS, al-Sheikh Dr Yusuf al-Qaradhawi and Muslims of South Asia continent.

“I took this opportunity to convey Salaam to all from Pakistan; I convey Salaam from al-Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradhawi; I convey Salaam from your brothers in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir which are supressed by their enemies just because they are defending the supremacy of our deen.”

Previously, representatives from Papua New Guinea, Palestine and Turkey presented their speech in the closing ceremony expressing fullest support to Muslims in Malaysia.