Derry Sulaiman’s Arrival Brightens up Ijtimak Kelantan


Derry Sulaiman’s Arrival Brightens up Ijtimak Kelantan
By: Amalina Ariffin

KOTA BHARU, 21 July – Ijtimak Kelantan 2017 this year succeeded in adding a hint of variation from its previous years with the appearance of the Indonesian preacher, Derry Sulaiman whose name is synonymous with the song “Dunia Sementara, Akhirat Selamanya”.

His presence alone managed to captivate the sea of audience during the Relaxing Session with Derry Sulaiman, even managing to deliver a couple of messages in the lyrics of the song for the crowd during his performance.

The 4th International Ijtimak for Ummah Solidarity (Asian Region) which opened its curtain last evening was also livened by the arrival of people of different background from all corners of Malaysia.

The 2017 Ijtimak Kelantan this year will be beamed with the performances of cultural value such as the Tok Janggut Pantomime & the Solidarity Mission in Rohingya, the Islamic Cultural Concert, the Dakwah and Nadwah Conferences and the Muslimat on Stage, not forgetting the Prime Oration (Pidato Perdana).